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haha he came back little groggy otherwise he would of got the shot to

I really like to have at least one runner in these kind of races just to say I participated  :)  With that being said, I dont know if this guy will be ready or not, but I will have him in as of now.  If he comes up sharp on three weeks rest he will probably get the shot.  I hope I will have plenty in next years crop!

Kegstand-- dydalt5

First entry YESSS

Throwing this girl into the action with improving SP's

Pradotude- 181211- dydalt4

Scratch Fleet on the River... Heza 3 YO TOO HAHA my bad ;)

Scratch New Senor.... I wasnt thinking this week, and transferred him to another stable >:(

Ill throw in my two cents I guess... Always worth a try

Pradotude- 181211- Dydalt4**aGO3*_amtpLnhml31Cshbt3I1rrmn03fnCu2k4D*3hREkwRvh5QCwe8hLjZuQRgM&name=dydalt4&passcard=z7bZtv1I156JfoZstXuZ&lg=00001&idno=14978&hossnum=181211

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