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Blazing Saddles 2011 Spring Festival / Re: Race Writeups
« on: May 05, 2011, 07:05:57 PM »
Cool Ben! I enjoyed the one I did way back when for the rez Classic last year.

Just remember if you handicap the races that Skunks love the turf....not dirt! LOL!  :D

I can't be taken seriously for any dirt race picks I make because I suck on dirt. I'm all talk with no stick on the main track.  8)

I really like to have at least one runner in these kind of races just to say I participated  :)  With that being said, I dont know if this guy will be ready or not, but I will have him in as of now.  If he comes up sharp on three weeks rest he will probably get the shot.  I hope I will have plenty in next years crop!

Kegstand-- dydalt5

Legit shot if he's ready. What about that 3yo Gimlet of yours? They are big race runners when it counts!  ;)

Gone for Gimlets or False Flag Op

It just shows you how important it is to me to win our rez races. He's nominated but there's no guarantee he shows up. It's still far enough out for a horse to fall off form so I need options.

Skunkland Empire or Relaunch the Skunk or Skunkbridled Song

Skunkus Giganticus or Hunting Otistaylor

Conspiracist or Skunkmambo Slew or Skunkbridled Song or Unbridled Skunkzig

False Flag Op or Skunk's Empire or Skunkrinthian or Transparent Farse

Faraday Cage or El Skunkberto Slew or A Skunk Vice

Gimlet Binge or Gone for Gimlets or Tap A Skunk or Tasty Gimlet or Deciding Factor or False Flag Op

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